Media Release

Warning to the Entire Public

Grand Mufti of South Africa, has received calls from different people who claim to have been sent by Jamiatul Ulama fighting a battle of racism, because the Grand Mufti is Black its Impossible , he can only be an Indian or Malaysian in this black peoples country. the second caller disguised himself as a donor by the names Muhammad who wanted to donate to the poor later he appeared to be an impostor who was lying but working for Jamiatul Ulama to state a racial battle between Indian Muslim and Black Muslims in an Africa Black country. This is going to ignite a very bad fire they will burn every good thing they have for this country and expose the ashes of all bad things they are involved in including racism against black Muslim people on their own Land of South Africa which will affect so badly by Allah’s will the good relationship built on good understanding between black and Indian people of South Africa. the first caller proposed to meet at Jamiatul Ulama office to discuss which is a good idea, as we are preparing to meet with Jamiatul Ulama, the second impostor appeared who has ruined all possible fruitful negotiations which was proposed by Brother by the Names Abu Nish Al-Masha-ush. Official Announcement office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa.

Official, any engagement must be made official in written and send your concerns to MUSCOOSA see contact on this website, star warned that the power of Allah to uplift black people in this country is activated by MUSCOOSA and nothing will come into our way. So we call upon all brothers and sisters to stop any form of racism in either it appears and only point into unity of the Muslim Ummah. Wabillah Curse of Allah is upon any one who tries to come into the way of this truth to triumph. only those embrace the truth even if is better will be winners. be prepared to get the Wrath of Allah upon you to block Islam to spread into black peoples community because of being racist. Wabillah tawfique who is the witness and His Angels to what i am promising here. Grand Mufti of South Africa.