Bism-llah Rahman Raheem
In the name of Allah Most merciful the Compassionate, Assalam aleikum Warahmatu-llah , Peace be upon you and mercy of  Allah God), in His name i great you with warm welcome to the Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) .

Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) is responsible for administration of Islam and Muslims in South Africa with an objective to maximize the potentiality of Established Muslim organisation to serve the Muslim Ummah without any form of discrimination as regard to racial, rich , poor, men and women,young and adults, citizens and Foreign.

All operations of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) are according to Quran and Sunnah as Taught by four Respected Imams of Ahli Sunnah Wal-Jamah,Imam Malik,Imam Ahmada bin Hambal,Imam Abu Hanifa, and Imam Shafie. And Qiyas of Ulamas who contemplate on application of Sharia laws and give advice according to current situation if the matter is not covered in the teachings of four Imams for example ruling on application of modern technology in Practice of Islam.

The effect of Covid-19 has changed the operations of this organization which has been limited to South African borders to becoming a global organization serving humanity without borders, reaching communities in need to give them hope and link them with help, taking care of orphans and widows, elderly and sickly. To restore peace were its lost to misunderstandings, visiting all places of the world in service of the Ummah for the sake and Allah Subhanahu Wataala seeking His Pleasure. Now every body is welcome to volunteer in your community just by inviting us to come or by reporting about the needy and Orphans using our contact page. May Allah accept this noble work of service to the Ummah while serving humanity.