Assalam aleikum Warahmatru-llah, Assalam aleikum Warahmatu-llah Wabarakatuh, welcome to Department of Heal for Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa ( MUSCOOSA). Here we deal with Islamic aspect regarding usage of available medical systems including taking modernized Tablets, surgeries, Natural herbs, physio therapies, Maternity procedures, etc.

Principles of Islam in medical applications:

  • Medications must be permissible in Sharia to be allowed for consumption
  • The Practitioners attending to sick people must be of the same gender, men treats men only and women treat women only, there is no man treating a woman in Islam or woman treating a man unless they are both of the same family and they can not get married according to sharia of Islam.
  • Medications and systems of treatment must be permissible in Islam, for example blood transfusion, organ donating, surrogate, and all kinds of operation have sharia ruling regarding their applications. these complicated topics that needs circumstantial reasons to be either permissible or not since they have been developed with modernity , it was systems of medications at the time of prophet Muhammad Salah Aleih Wasallama.