Science of Quran

Its Earth Moving while Us Humans Stationed in one Position-Science of the Quran

Grand Mufti of South Africa’s Theory about Movement of the Earth ” everything that exists on earth is stationed in one place being hold by natural invisible forces, its the earth that moves”

Allah Subhanahu Wataala created everythaing that exists on earth and He gave everything permanent position where its stationed, but its the earth that moves. This shows you the Greatness of Allah Subhanahu Wataala when we say Allah Akbar.

The wisdom that Allah Subhanahu Wataala has applied in creation of the earth is of high status beyond human imagination, Allah Subhanahu Wataala created the earth in such a way that its easy to use for those living on earth , He created it and placed it in constant motion moving from place to another that result in rotation of day and night but He made it so comfortable such that we humans and livings of the earth can not realize its movement.

So Quran Science Conclude theory of movement of the earth that: its the earth that moves not humans, animals , birds, fish,insects, etc everything is stationed one position but we see it in reverse way as we are the ones moving while the earth is stationed in one place. Theory of Grand Mufti of SA. Open Discussion leave your comment