Media Release

Warning Corona Virus in South Africa

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa got information of Corona Virus Invading South Africa After causing closer of Sacred Kaabah and travel ban of Muslims to go for Umra, as far as Islam is concerned calamities are signs of Allah’s Anger and wrath upon humans on earth for their sinful actions and these calamities include sickness of different kinds that include corona virus
So we have to seek for forgiveness and total repentance and ask for Allah’s Meecy this Dua meaning praying to only One God Allah Subhanabu wataala. Special dua that includes protection and cure including praying for status of Muslims in the World is on this link:
That Dua recites 24 7 you only have to listen with sincerity That Allah Subhanahu.Wataala is hearing and seeing u. At the end pray And say Amen. Corona Virus will not touch u and ur family and whoever listen to this superior glorification of high status. Masjid Nurul Yaqeen Radio Station Assalam aleikum Warahmatu-llah , Most welcome chose one of the two players and click :”play” button Loading …