Janaza Funeral

Janaza is an Arabic word that means funeral. in Islam when some passes away, its an obligation of Muslim Community to give a proper burial to the deceased.

In such an incident, the first person to contact is Imam of the Masjid to inform those who come to attend prayers as soon death of any Muslim is confirmed.

The purpose of informing Imam and attendants of prayers is to arrange burial for the deceased immediately. The Sharia of Islam encourages to bury deceased as soon as possible depending on how burial arrangement may require that includes releasing the body from hospital cleared for burial with Hospital death certificate issued before or after burrial.

What to be done to a deceased before is taken for Burial

  • Closing the eyes and covering the body as soon as death is confirmed.
  • Informing the responsible family members and community members where he or she is been living.
  • Bathing deceased called Ghusul in Arabic, man for men and women for a woman.
  • Digging the grave
  • Performing funeral prayer called salatul Janaaza
  • Attending burial

Here in South Africa, there are Muslim funeral services to do all above at free of charge or a contribution for support for those who have means. Contact your nearest Masjid to get in Touch with burial services.


In the Sharia of Islam, Women are not allowed to attend the burial of any person due to their delicacy and fear of death. therefore they are exempted from attending the burial in the grave yard. They attend the funeral but not the burial.

Unless if there is no men to bury deceased, ot the number of men is not enough to conclude the burial for example in time of wars. its an emergency, therefore the law allows them to do burial to any one. but must not become an act of Islam, when condition come to normal, the law stands again.