Dept of Education

Bismillah Rahman Raheem, In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. Education is the most important gift that can be given to any human being. We are all born similar as human beings and start same journey of learning from child hood but what we make us differ as we grow is what kind of education we acquire.

The kind of education we acquire transforms us to live on this earth the way we are educated , some of us become doctors, sales, others become nurses, politicians, lawyers, builders, drivers, chiefs, priests, engeneers, soldiers, etc.

Education determines what choices we make to live our lives according to what we know about everything, but the most important thing to know is about life and purpose of life, if you a person does not get proper education, definition of life and purpose of life will only be bound to eating and drinking and having fun until death.

proper education gives you eyes to see, ears to hear and brain to understand the true mystery of life and purpose of living and that is to know who you are and who created you for what reason. According to Islam, all human beings are created to worship one true God the most high His name is Allah creator of the heavens and earth we see above, He takes life and brings it back to us when we sleep and wakeup or when we die, He brings us back to Him when we are burried for questioning how we lived our lives on earth what was our purpose of life.

In order to live on earth alive , we must eat and drink, but we are subjected to work to earn our living, either you work in the farm and produce your own food, you will need a teacher to teach your child who will need to be compensated for his or her time to teach your child and that compensation is what we call salary.

So life is about to compensate each other for the time and effort used to get help us complete our stay on earth. so for anything to be done it must be known how it is done, that is why education is the most important part of life.

As Human beings we have to learn how to do things on earth in our daily lives and this needs us to acquire education, and also we must know about the purpose of life and know who is exactly true God the most high and He created us to live, He brings His sun every day, rain when we need it from skies, green plants for our food, He supplies us with breathing Air every second for us to live. Islam teaches complete course of life for both learning how to earn the living and how to Worship the Only one true God the Most High( Allah) Subhanahu Wataala.

Therefore we believe education is not a choice but a must , and for that reason we make sure that every one must acquire all kinds of education he or she needs in life by establishing schools, working in partnership with schools in giving bursaries to those who can not afford to pay for education.

Most welcome for contribution to our bursary project.