Bismllah Rahman Raheem, Asslaam aleikum Warahmatu-llah Wabarakatuh. Welcome to Department of Women and Children Affairs of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA).

There is no children without women, and there is not women without children. Islam gives Most extensive care to Women because they are the focal point of success of life on earth.

The entire Holy Quran addresses men about affairs of women and children without preference of a woman from a man but with equal rights and equal opportunities.

Natural Men and different from women, so they right and opportunities are completely different, so we must approach with equal opportunities to women and men.

The Most Important point of approach is looking at a woman as a mother who takes care of her children and husband, in that capacity she is manager of the home,therefore we provide all necessary help needed to equip a woman with capacity to be a full mother who can take care of her children, husband, family, and manage a home. Because we all know that despite of having such a big obligation to a woman, she is naturally created the weakest simply because her power is from her family that include husband, parents, children, friends, community, leaders etc.

This is very important, it means, She needs a home where to rise the children, therefore in Islam we compel a man to provide home for His wife where she can stay and rise her children.