Marriage is a command of Allah Subhanahu Wataala to marry a woman of your choice two, three,or four,but if the possibilities and capacities makes you fear that you may not be able to equal between them,then marry only one, or a slave depending on your means.

Marriage is a union of two, three,four or five people with only one Man marries all other 4 wives in accordance with Sharia.

Marriage is focal point of human life where husband and wife live together and share common values together appreciated from each other. Since a man is different from a woman, misunderstanding often happens between married couples , some mature married couples manage to handle each other during misunderstanding and they live together without problem, they always come back to normality same time after exchange of views and ideas with sincerity.

But some married couples can not manage their misunderstandings, they end up in separation but not divorce. Only counseling is all they need to help them understand each other and learn how to manage each other in times of misunderstanding.

We Provide the following for Married Couples:

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Retreat for women separated from their husbands, shelter includes food does not exceed three days and is only for married couples.
  • Communicate with their husbands to come for counseling and help them come back together.
  • Keep ties with families of married couples.