Office of the Grand Mufti of SA

Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa is comprised of Provincial Muftis and their deputies who are Municipal Qadhis, District Qadhis who makes up Council of Sheiks ( Majlisil Ulama). This is Board of scholars of Islam called Ulamas chaired by the Grand Mufti of SA , this board of qualified Ulamas sits every Wednesday in the week to discuss :

  • Possible policies of Department of Sharia
  • Answering questions regarding Islam to be passed as fatuwas
  • Confirming Friday special lectures submitted by Imams of Different Mosques
  • Advisory board to Grand Mufti SA on current affairs of Islam nationally and internationally.
  • Upgrade in knowledge of Islam by one of the Ulamas in the Council of Sheikhs (Majlisil Ulama) or by Visiting Ulalma.

Concluded answers ( Fatuwas) passed by Majlisil Ulama ( Council of Sheikhs) documented by office of the Grand Mufti of SA and only Announced Publicly by the Grand Mufti SA himself, or any oen he wish to choose among the Ulamas who sits on Council of Sheikhs ( Majlisil Ulama).

For Example issues concerning confirmation of date of starting of fasting the Holy Month of Ramadan, and date of Ending fasting to Perform Eid Salah.

Announcing Confirmation of start date of the holy month of Dhil Hijj for Conducting hajj rituals and performing Salatul Eid.

Department of Sharia works in partnership with International weather centers, South weather site to help on viewing the new moon, after the confirmation of new moon, Office of the Grand Mufti consult with international relations weather forecast of Muslim Countries in the world where the moon has been sighted.

Therefore the management consult the local Muslim organisation contribution and in combined efforts , the confirmed day is announced Publicly in an official Media release.