Hajj is fifth pillar of Islam that is performed once annually while Umra is performed any time of the year at the sacred place of worship for Islam called Masjidil Haraam located at holy Place called Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

Masjidil Haraam is comprised of Holy Kaaba Shareef in Black in the center Shown in Live video on your right Surrounded by believers worshiping in Devotion to Allah Subhanahu Wataala( Most Gracious the Exalted Is He) Performing Rituals of Umra and five daily Mandatory prayers.

Umra Rituals Makes Part of hajj rituals includes walking in group round the Holy Kaabah seven times loudly saying in Arabic : labaik Allahumma labaik, labbaik la Sharika laka Labaika, Innal Hamda Wa Ni’mata Wal-Mulk La Sharika laka.

But the only difference is Umra rituals are performed anytime of the year day and night while Hajj rituals are performed only once in the year during first ten days of Twelfth Month of Arabic calendar called Dhil-hajj.

Its a Must for every one who profess Islam to visit this Holy Mosque of Masjidil Haraam in his or her lifetime depending on financial capacity of a believer. This is where every Muslim face while performing daily five mandatory prayers. So every believer must visit Masjidil Haraam to see the Kaaba Shareef.