Inheritance Faraidu

Bismillay Rahman Raheem.

Islam is complete way of life that covers every aspect of life. The most important moment of sadness when we loose our loved ones, Islam guides us what to do with deceased belongings including widow(s), Orphans, and Immediate Family Members according Sharia as revealed in the holy Quran regarding sharing inheritance and teachings of scholars.

The Most important part is Sharia law on how to share the inheritance between family members those who qualify to get a share. The following are family members eligible to get a share of inheritance from estate of their beloved family member:

Estate of the father is Shared between the following:

  1. His wife(s)
  2. Son(s) and Daughter(s)
  3. Parents of the deceased , Mother and father if they are still alive
  4. sister(s) and brother(s)

Estate of the Mother is Shared between the following

  • Husband
  • Son(s) and Dauther(s)
  • Parents of the deceased , Mother and father if they are still alive
  • Sister(s) and brother(s)

Estate of the deceased become part of endowment is there is no eligible family memberĀ  to inherit him or her.

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