Media Release

our beloved blessed holy month of Ramadan Is Approaching

Alhamdu lillah wasalat wassalam ala rasuliu laahi alkarim. we have reached at the door of the holy month of Ramdan and believer are now knocking, some one is opening for us to enter with full divotion, submission and conviction. Please cleanse yourself now before the door of Ramadan is opened to enter, no one will be allowed to enter with dirty shoes. so look into your shoes and see if there is any dirt and clean it now, otheriwse you will be locked outside while every body you love enters leaving you stranded on the door.

Dirty on the shoes which will not allow you to enter Ramdan with believers

  • Unlawful relationship
  • Alcoholic
  • laziness in performing Daily Mandatory Prayers
  • Earning Haram money to feed yourself and your family
  • planning to fake sickness
  • committing adulterous sins
  • fighting with neighbors
  • fighting with your wife or husband
  • not want to pay debt yet you have means
  • smoking drugs
  • women wearing clothes exposes parts of their nudity
  • stealing money from company using hidden reports of accounts
  • any forbidden action

The prophet of Allah Subhanahu Wataala said, if you do not want to stay away from forbidden things, there is no need to leave your food and drinks in the name of fasting. meaning your cursed disgrace chosen to go to hell as a choice you have made. but if you want forgiveness, Allah mercy upon you, Grab this chance in Coming Ramadan in a weeks period from now, its expected to start on Monday night the 6th of may 2019, that will be 1 st-Ramadan 1440. May Allah Grant us Tawfique, health and Halaal Rizq to be able to fast seeking His pleasure Amen.