Salatul Janaazat

Salatul Jannaazat is Special Prayer for funeral. in Sharia of Islam, if a Muslim Dies, Man or Woman, young or Adult, we conduct special funeral prayer called Janaaza Salah after washing, washing and wrapping the body of the deceased.

In Islam, when a person dies, we wash him with scented warm water, cleanse him or her and then Wrap clean body in white clothes. man three pieces of clothes, while 5 pieces of clothes for women.

only Muslim women attend to the funeral of a Muslim woman and only Muslim men attend to the funeral of a Muslim man. Unless if there is no Muslim women, then men are allowed to attend to a Muslim Woman and if there is no Muslim man, Muslim women are allowed to attend to the funeral of Muslim man.

Not by any circumstances permissible to attend to a non Muslim by Muslims men or women. In Sharia of Islam, your not allowed to conduct funeral services according to Islam of a non Muslim,even if is your mother, father, sister, son, daughter, Uncle, how ever you can only attend his or her burial.

Time of Salatul Janaazat

Janaaza Salat does not Have specific time, it depends on readiness to burial, so when is confirmed its time to go for burial, that when a congregation stands facing the deceased and leader called Imam start to conduct the prayer.

There is bowing and prostration in this funeral prayer called Janaaza Salaat. all congregation stands attentively until they finish, the continue burial. there is no anything else done after funeral prayer beside burial.