Women Empowerment

Women are born Naturally responsible for home management, taking care of themselves, their children and their husbands but they are weaker than men simply because they must be empowered by men to become stronger.

The most important approach of women empowerment is education. Information is a must to very human because brain is created to learn and adopt ways of life from knowledge acquired. Both boys and girls behave the same if they not educated because they do not know what to do with their lives, and both boys and girls behave the same if they are educated because they know exactly what to do with their lives.

Its is very important to observe what time of education is given to children both boys and girls. That kind of education is like seed, grow in their brains and determines their lives.

Services offered for women empowerment

  • Support for education
  • Bursaries
  • Small scale business entrepreneurship
  • Life Development Skills
  • Special Women Courses
  • Counseling services of Abused women
  • Special Rape victims therapy