Street Children

To grow from Child hood to Adult hood requires a full time parent or guardian for a physical and mental health growth. Parents and guardians helps guide their children on what is wrong and what is right in life. Street Children are those infants who learn their lives from the street without a proper guidance of a parent or guardian.

The Street children are categorized into two categories:

  • Children who abandon their homes and choose to be on the street joining other children and they form a group of children living on the street. Major cause of this kind of street Children is learning bad behaviors without knowledge of parents or guardians such as drinking alcohol at early age, Abusing drugs, that change their natural mental when consumed , they loose sense of childhood and belonging, therefore they decide with their lives as they wish even if its harmful to them. They get contented with street life and they can not go home at any cost.
  • Children born and grow on the street. This majorly caused by Street children growing into Adults and they start making children on the street without a home. These kind of children do not have an opportunity of guardianship or parenthood, at very young age they adopt street life and get contented with it, even if they are given a home to stay , they escape back to the street.

We do for the following for Street Children:

  • physiological therapy that helps to identify particular child and kind of therapy needed.
  • Drug rehabilitation
  • food and cloth distribution
  • Shelter
  • taking them to school.