Breast Feeding

The Sharia is very clear about Breast feeding that; Its not Responsibility of a woman to breast her own child. Husband and wife may decide to hire a person to take care of the child using cow milk and soft foods, now days there is tin milk , but its strongly recommended that the child must be breast fed for the first six months buy own mother.

During pregnancy, husband and wife must negotiate and agree on how the child is going to be looked after, if the decide that mother will take care of the child, husband must negotiate with how much he is going to pay her per month for a period two years recommended.

The same money budget they have to pay if they hire a nanny is converted into her payment even if she is the mother of the child. This kind of money is mandatory to be paid , an agreement is written and signed between husband and wife regarding taking care of the child after birth.

Sharia Condition for a wife not to breast her child

  • The main important asset to any woman on earth is her beauty, so if she feels her beauty will depreciate by breast feeding, Sharia allows her not to do so, in order to maintain her looks to her husband, if her breasts makes her look like old woman, the husband will be the first person to abandon her and go to young girls. And if the husband dies or divorce her, she can easily get another husband because she maintained her beauty.
  • If the wife is working and can not be able to breast feed the child during working hours, she can take out breasts in the cup for the nanny to feed the baby when she is not at home.
  • If the wife was affected by giving birth, she might have lost blood during her delivery of a baby and she is sick. For this reason she is permitted not to breast feed her own child and hire some one else.
  • She may be in pain from medical treatment for example now days there is stitches done on mother immediately after giving birth if the child was big and caused their private parts injured and widen, so medically they must stitch to heal from injuries. These stitches pains so much, so may be not be able to breast the child during these days of pain.
  • Travelling to Makkah for Hajj and Umra. the fifth pillar of Islam is madnatory to every Muslim Man or woman to go and visit Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj rituals. Traveling for anything else , even pleasure with her husband, Sharia permits her to decide with husband the best way to take care of their child.
  • If they decide to hire some one else or the mother takes care of the child, the payments must be done to either choice they both make.
  • Family Medical Problem, for example if family of the wife have permanent natural medical problem such as sickness that cause some one to faint and after some time get better, this sickness make patients to loose balance and they tend to fall down if no one is available to help them, or most of children in the family of wife are born with mental disorders, lameness, blindness, and to avoid it to happen to the new born child is to stop mother from breast feeding.
  • HIV AIDS Sickness, now days its medically confirmed that healthy child can get HIV AIDS infection through breast feeding, so infected mothers are not allowed to breast feed their children to save them from getting infected.