Menstruation is the flowing of blood from female genitals of three categories according to Sharia:

  • Monthly Menses called “Hidh’
  • Bleeding after giving birth called ‘Nifas’
  • Prolonged bleeding called ‘Istihadat’

Monthly Menses (Heidh)

Monthly Menses called Heidh is natural for every health woman starting from young age approximately seven years depending on the growth of the girl, others with retarded growth take long to start their menses until 15 years of age but its very ear to reach 20 years before starting, and women also stop at different ages starting from 50 years towards. Monthly Menses takes minimum three days to ten days according to the nature of person beyond those days is something else.

Bleeding after Giving birth ( Nifas)

Depending op how delivery of a baby is done and nature of a person, women usually bleed after giving birth for a minimum period of three days to maximum of three months. According to sharia, beyond that is something else.

Prolonged Bleeding called ‘Istihadhat’

Prolonged bleeding without stopping called ‘Istihadhat’ is that exceed beyond standard days of menses seen above as maximum of ten days, or bleeding beyond maximum of three months after birth is called Istihadhat in the Sharia.

Things not permissible to a woman during menses (Heidh) and Bleedijng after (Nifas)

When a woman is in the state of experiencing monthly bleeding as menses (Heid) and After month bleeding called Nifas is considered not clean by Sharia , therefore is not allowed to the following until cleaning:

  • Performing any kind of Prayer, either mandatory prayer or any other type of prayer
  • Touching the holy Quran
  • Having intercourse with husband

Sharia Ruling on A woman experiencing prolonged Bleeding called ‘Istihadhat’

The Sharia Rules that a woman experiencing prolonged bleeding called istihadhat is considered clean and permissible to do the following:

  • Perform Mandatory Prayers
  • Reading and touching the holy Quran
  • Having Intercourse of her health conditions allows her.

Cleaning from menses (Heidh)& Bleeding after birth ( Nifas)

  • Counting days of blood flowing is mandatory
  • Intention of cleaning from filth of flowing blood after confirmation of stopping.
  • Clean water
  • Saying Bismillah Rahman Raheem
  • Washing Hands
  • Making the head wet even if you have lot of hair , water must reach skin
  • Washing right shoulder, going down to the right hand, right leg and right feet watering every part.
  • Washing left shoulder, going down to left hand, left leg, and left feg watering every part
  • Making Wuth of Mandatory Prayers by starting with the following:
  • Intention of Making Wuth for Mandatory Prayers
  • Washing the hands again three times, cleaning mouth, nose and face
  • washing right hand
  • washing left hand
  • smearing your wet right thumb at the forehead in the center to half head.
  • Washing right and left feet to the ankles.
  • Changing clothes, Using another cloth which was not used during bleeding.