Small scale business

Islam Orders believing men women to pay Zakat, Mandatory Charity, Sadaqat and Lillah. This Means, Women have equal rights to earning the living. Islam does not allow any form of keeping women behind that exempt them from earning if they need to because when husband get sick or dies, they have to take care of the family.

The Methodology of including women into business must totally Islamic and that is to give them equal business rights by separating them from men when doing business. If its a Shop, it Must not be shared by men and women, must be shared by women only, and when selling, only women buy from women, its their business selling that matter to them most such grocery, spices, women clothes, etc. Separation of women and men is to avoid unlawful affairs that may develop via business. This reason also do not allow a Man selling to a woman with her husband. If this condition is not observed, then women can do their business from Home.

Services offered for home Business Support suitable for women:

  • Designing, start from training , acquiring machines and Making clothes to distribution.
  • Cooking, offer contracts of cooking on events that earns cash to home making women.
  • Beauty Training and performing for business purposes , for example if hired to do permissible beautification for a wedding.
  • Give cars to women for transporting women and children especially fetching children from school.
  • Printing Jobs
  • Auditing and accounts contract jobs.