Islam Orders believers to take orphanage as an individual Muslim responsibility ruling that: a Punishment is upon individuals who neglect responsibility of taking care an orphan.

According to Islam, as soon as death is confirmed, the Muslim Community must take care of the funeral costs, perform funeral prayer and conduct conduct Islamic Burial.

The next step after the burial is to know who is in charge of the orphans and widow left behind. if its the father who has been buried, Islam gives the widow one occupation of the house where they are staying for one without going any where.

This Period of One year includes four months and ten days of Iddat ( Iddat means seclusion of a widow after death of her husband.

As soon as death is confirmed, Islam starts to take care of the family from funeral costs to living costs and the orphans and their mother since the father is dead. This is a not choice but a Must for Muslim individuals who may act as a community or as an individual to take care of the orphans and widow.

Islam gives an opportunity of taking care of orphans and their mother the widow to a family member if they have means, or if the deceased left some means for sustenance of his family. Sharia confirms and witnesses in written who is in charge of orphans and widow when the family members meet to share belongs of the deceased called Qismat is Quran.

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