Life is a pack of mysteries impossible to unlock, we must live and wait to deal with tragic of death that may happen every after a second that we breathe in and out.

Death is the worst tragic a human can face that happens by surprise. chance is if death happens when children are grown up and Parents are very old when death happens is actually a rest of peace for them. This is good luck we do not have widows to take care of as a Muslim Community because there will adult children able to take care of them selves and their old surviving mother.

The Tragic is when death happens to young couples with young children, here the Muslim Community has to identify a widow and an orphan for provision of living means separately.

We provide the following for widows

  • free Counseling services
  • observe their Iddat
  • provide all necessary means needed to cover expenses of the house
  • Protect widow from aggressive family members who may chase her from home after death of her husband and separate her from her children without her will.
  • identifying share of a woman from her late husband belongings.
  • Helping her making a better decision for her life, if she decide to re-marry or to stay without marriage.