Every one wish to grow and become a father or mother. But in between young and adult is time of youth, that is when you a human being transform from being a child to become an adult. Youth time is very challenging because children get excited with life when they reach the age of youth hood.

If the excitement of youth hood is not controlled , that is when life is ruined by making wrong choices. and if that excitement of youth hood is properly controlled , those are the real men and women of the society who are foundations of the future.

So emphasis is put on guiding youth on how to make proper choices in life to avoid self destruction.

We Offer the following services for the Youth

  • Separate youth meetings for girls and boys for counseling about making best choices of life.
  • Sports and entertainment that keeps youth active and occupied
  • Training Basic Life Skills
  • helping those ho need counseling between them and their parents
  • Counseling children of same parents about sharing with family members and neighbors