Islamic Family Planning

Islam is a complete way of life, a mother and father may wounder how to apply Islamic way of family planning as an alternative to modern ways of family planning that uses impermissible methodologies to stop a woman from getting pregnant for child spacing purposes including the following:

  • Injection
  • Pills
  • Abortion
  • Insertion of a coil in the woman womb
  • Taking out the entire womb
  • Drinking intoxicant syrups
  • etc

Sharia Solutions for Family Planning for Child Spacing :

  • Sharia Family Planning is the best way, it covers financial and health reasons. the basic and final Solution of Sharia Family Planning is breast feeding for a period of not less than two years. That is a direction from the Holy Quran. Allah Subhahu Wataala said that; the mother should breast feed her child for a period of two years for those who may wish to complete cycle of of breast feeding. Naturally of mother continue to breast , naturally her body does not get ready for another child.
  • Counting days of monthly menstrual cycle. This is the safest way, husband and wife must count ten days every after menstrual cycle, during those days can not bay any means get pregnant. So its safe for them to meet as married couples and enjoy as married couples without hesitation.

in Order to get proper results , as a believer you must apply both methodology permissible in Islam, either you have a baby or no, ten days every after menses is perfect and secure for married couples. Islam strongly encourages this methodology.