Speak to Sheikh

Bismillah Rahman Raheem.

Speak to Sheikh is program dedicated to attend to family and friends private meeting with a Sheikh for any one who may want to meet with Sheikh in private. This included solutions on spiritual problems that needs special attentions like Jinn attacks, witch craft or black magic, seeking prayers for blessings for a particular occasion of celebrations such weddings, anniversaries, family union, reconciliation, arbitration, business dispute seeking for advice, marriage counseling, Children counseling, etc.

There are team of dedicate Muftis waiting to hear your problem seeking possible solution or requests to serve you. Use this email address: speaktosheikh@gmail.com to send an email requesting to speak to Sheikh In Private. do not disclose any information in the email , your request will be opened a file that will be given case no. and file will be closed if your case is solves for those who need possible solutions to their problems.

you may be required to pay a contribution of consultation fee only R 300 that confirms your appointment with Sheikh. any private matter discussed kept private and ends between you and Sheikh. we have Sheikhat for women.