Types of Divorce

In Sharia , there two types of Divorce Namely:

  1. Separation
  2. Staying

Divorce by Separation

After procedures of Divorce has taken place, the wife has until one year to go from the house where they are staying with husband after she has got her share of divorce settlement. During that period, she can go at any time from her husbands’ house and remarry or stay with family members or friends.

Divorce by Staying

After procedures of divorce has taken place, both husband and may decide to stay together in the same house in peace and harmony in the same house without separation on the following conditions:

  • Both husband and wife agreed to do so
  • Both are not responsible for each other
  • The wife must not bring her new husband in the same house where her previous husband is staying even if the house belongs to her.
  • The husband may continue to take care of his family as he used before divorce as father and mother of the children but not as husband and wife.