Silence if the second Procedure of saving your marriage. If private discussion did not resolve the matter,the second procedure is to keep silent and do not say anything about the same matter any other issue. The husband or wife avoid any kind of conversation by keeping silent until the other partner mend his or her ways and ask for sincere forgiveness on the following conditions:

  • Silence must come after three private conversations behind closed doors.
  • Must not prolong Silence to more than seven days
  • Silence includes not sharing any conversation
  • If it is a wife causing discomfort,husband must not eat her foods and drinks as part of silence expressing discomfort. But must provide all means as he do every day.
  • If it is a husband causing discomfort, wife must cook,do all routine house work don’t share a meal with him as away of expressing discomfort.
  • Must write anything in the message that insult another person during silence.
  • No answering messages and calls,communications is only through signs and other family members.
  • Must not show the visitor that either of you is in Silent, even family members must not know silence is taking place,its personal and private only between two people husband and wife.