Iddat is mandatory seclusion for four months and ten days for a woman who have lost her husband divorce or death.

Sharia Conditions of Iddat

  1. The divorced woman or widow must be in seclusion staying with family member who takes care of her during the time of Iddat.
  2. Make up and beautification that makes a man attracted a woman is forbidden unless necessary cleanliness without intention of beautification.
  3. not allowed to go for visiting or attending any ceremony unless its a must and there is no any other family member to represent her
  4. Must start counting Iddat immediately divorce is confirmed or burial of the husband is concluded.
  5. Must not go out of seclusion unless there is no any one to help her to do what she wants outside.
  6. forbidden to perform Nikah during Iddat.

Divorced woman widow in Iddat is allowed to do the following:

  • Communicate with family members
  • work if there is no any one to help her get all that she needs for a house where she is staying
  • Meeting with and talking to a man intending to marry her after Iddat
  • Change clothes as she wishes , there is no particular dressing is allowed in Sharia as a symbol that shows that a woman is in Iddat to be used for Iddat at home or when going out.
  • Showering any time without hesitation and cleanliness
  • Eating and drinking anything that is halaal.
  • proposing marriage to any man of her choice by her self or family member but must not perform any Nikah ceremony until Iddat is concluded, only gifts can be exchanged between man and woman and between families of a man and a woman regarding their marriage.
  • Go out of the house if necessary for a necessity.
  • Go for medication if she gets sick during Iddat.