Khaliu is an Arabic word that means divorce enforced by a wife who requests to leave her husband on the following conditions:

  • Husband or wife became sick after marriage for example got an accident and lost his sight can not see,, lost his legs can not walk, paralyzed can not do anything himself.
  • Natural sickness developed by wife and she feels she can no longer fulfill her obligations as a wife to her husband
  • If the husband travels and never return back, she is tired of waiting, Minimum period of waiting as per Sharia is six months and maximum is as long as wife request to invalidate the marriage.
  • Bad behaviors of husband such as physical abuse, threatening to harm her
  • If the husband is not providing means to live including place to stay, foods and clothing.
  • If wife do not love her husband any more and she wants to quit the marriage.

Enforcement of the Khaliu

The Wife must contact the Authorities of Sharia with proof of one of the above conditions . The Authorities may be Imam of the Mosque, our Offices , can send an email address to look into your case.