Divorce settlement

Sharia allows settlement for divorce purpose after completing all divorce procedures. The settlement include children , wealth of husband and wife. The agreement for divorce settlement is signed by husband and wife, witnessed by family members of a wife who are represented by only two members who sign as witnesses, and family members of a husband represented by two members who sign on their behalf as witnesses. The witnesses must men or if women, they must be four women because in sharia, one man is equal to two woman as witnesses.

Sharia Standards of divorce settlement

  • Children belongs to the husband so that their mother is free to remarry and may have other children, unless the husband has refused to take the children, then they are given to their mother, and of she can not take care of them, then family members of the husband or family members of the wife.
  • Anything given to to wife by husband during marriage as gift or for any reason belongs to her and do not make part of belongs of husband and wife to be share.
  • Mahr(Mandatory dowry), her payment of pregnancy and breast feeding belongs to her, does not make part of their belongs to be shared.
  • If the husband reject to take responsibility of taking children, the house they are staying remains in custody of the wife to rise the children with condition that she is allowed to bring her new husband in that house. Any new husband must marry her and take without taking the children from their fathers house unless agreed between two husband and wife, between two families, family of the wife and family of the husband. any Agreement reached must be written and endorsed by both families.