Organ Donation&Transfer

Organ donation is modern way of saving lives of people who can be cured with any kind of available medicines. In Islam, we do not have such a belief of incurable diseases that leads to organ transfer, we believe in finding a Natural solution according to Islam every sickness there is cure for it but you must know what and where to get it.

The Most common Organ transfer is Kidney, some one may get both his or her kidneys sick and can not function any more, as a result the body can not purify the blood and supplied to other parts of the body as impure blood. This leads to other parts of the body getting swollen, you will this patient with swollen feet, legs, arms, hand, face, etc.

So Doctors in modern science and technology have come up with two solutions:

  • Temporary Solution
  • Permanent Solution

Temporary Solution

The Patient visits hospital regularly for taking out impure blood and putting new blood in the using blood transfer machines. This helps patient to continue living but later he or she eventually dies.

Permanent Solution

The Patient must get a donor of kidney that marches. most family member can donate and any other individual his or her kidneys marches with the patient. Doctor do operation of kidney transfer from the donor to the patient. During the operation, they will take out infected kindness from the patient, and then they take out one kidney from the donor and transfer it to the patient so that every one will have only one kidney. After the operation, both patients are tested and after some days confirmed successful.

Sharia of Islam on Organ Donating and Transfer

The Sharia of Islam appreciate any useful means that saves live, therefore the above explained operation of kidney donation and kidney transfer is live example in order for Sharia to have conclusion either its permissible or not permissible.

Sharia of Islam protect believers from deception and misleading in life, so any medical operation as a solution for a problem is permissible as long as the patient is not intending to change his or her nature doing if for choice. for example the operation above save life, kidney donor and donated one lives happily there after the operation. so is permissible in Islam.

We have so many live examples of successful operations of kidney donation and transfer, and both individuals live normally as any other healthy person.