Forbidden Medical Practices

Sharia of Islam aims at protecting believing from falling into traps of Satan ( Shaytan). In the modern medical practices, there are forbidden systems of medication according to Sharia of Islam including the following:

  • Beautification that changes persons identity or gender using artificial medical applications and surgeries. Men changing into woman or man changing into woman. This is a curse upon those who do this forbidden action for any reason.
  • Modern Family planning
  • Manual fertilization of a woman without contact with a man and Woman using medical tubes called endoscopy, or embryology. Doctors take Sperms of a man and egg of woman and mix them together to get fertilized using machines. Then they get a woman and they insert already fertilized eggs to conceive, as it is happening today, that some times so many babies out of this system. Its not Permissible in Islam.
  • Doctors getting sperms of a man and insert into a woman without contacting that man and they do not know each other its not permissible in Islam. This medical system of sperm insertion into a woman is very easy, does not need any operation, just injection of sperms into a woman, the same way it happens naturally when a man and woman have intercourse, but to be permissible in Islam, Husband and wife must agree and give their consent. If it is done outside marriage, its adultery and child born is not legitimate child according to Islam because the parents were not married. This method of making a woman pregnant is mostly used when husband or wife is jailed and both couple wish to have children but its not possible for them to meet at any cost. Its is mostly used by Palestinians jailed in Israel prisons.
  • Consuming drugs that are not permissible in Islam because of ingredients used are not Halaal, for example alcohol is used so much in medicines in hospitals. if alcohol is used in away that do not enter into a Muslim body but only external like thermometers used in measuring fever, then its permissible. So many fever syrups are made of alcohol for direct consumption by drinking is forbidden in Islam, or by medicines applied by injection but made of alcohol , are not permissible in Islam.