Blood Donation&Transfer

Blood transfer is also another modern way of saving life as an alternative to using natural medicines and eating foods that makes blood. when accidents happen, people tend to loose a lot of blood that leads to death of the patient and solution is to transfer blood from donor to the patient.

Sharia of Islam on Blood Donation and Transfer

Its permissible in Islam to donate blood and transfer to the patient as remedy to save life. But the only major condition here is, Non-Muslim Consume forbidden foods and drinks such as drinking alcohol and eating pock, their blood is contaminated according to Islam.

For this Reason, Sharia of Islam rules that: its only permissible to do blood transfer if donor is known to the patient and happy to receive blood from him or her, and the donor also consented to giving him or her blood.

Development of Blood Bank

In Islam , its permissible to have a blood bank but must be within limits of Sharia. That details of donor blood must clearly indicated on the blood sachets, and he or so that the patient must have a choice to choose whose blood is better for him or her as we have seen, donor must not be consuming alcohol and pock.