Islamic Way for Aids prevention&STDs

The Only Islamic way for STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is stay away from sleeping with unlawful woman or man. There is no way Islam becomes part of encouraging believers to start using condoms as ways of preventing STDs including killer HIV Virus.

The Major cause of STDs including HIV AIDS is by committing adultery fornication, etc. Other medical cause of STDs for example, operations made with similar knives and syringes that may transfer STDs from one person to another.

Sharia Ruling on HIV AIDS Patients

Sharia Rules that, any sickness that can be transmitted from one person to another person mistakenly or intentionally is an emergency, therefore identified patients must be separated from every one and reserved in safe place for proper medical treatment , not to be allowed to go and mix with others because they may get sick mistakenly or intentionally. This a Medical camp that is used to take care of sick people until they are well , they can be released to go home.

According to Islam, if any man or woman knows has STD diseases especially HIV AIDS and continue to be with another person who is not sick clearly knowing that sickness will be transferred, its considered murder and punishable in Sharia Law.