Islamic Medical Aid

Medical Aid is the most important community program that benefits every one without regard to race, religion, back ground, status, as long as there is need for medical help.

The Management partner with available organisations of medical and government departments to provide free and affordable medical servies to the following fields:

  • Old Aged people who needs regular visiting of medical practitioner for health check up.
  • Provision of Care services tom old people and disabled. This program is designed to train staffs who qualify to provide care giving services where needed. in collaboration with government departments, we provide training for care giving services and qualified staff are appointed to individual homes or Old Age Homes. for those with means contribute to remuneration of care giving nurse, while those without means are sponsored by charity generated means.
  • Payment for operations of poor people who can not afford to pay medical bills needed to be operated of rare cases such as heart operation, etc.
  • Eye operations to regain lost sight due to cataract
  • Subsidize with government to provide general medical services to communities.