Islamic Circumcision

Circumcision is cutting off extra skin from front part of a male genital that covers male sexual organ. This extra skin is born with any male child. Islam is clean and health, Sharia Orders that every male who embrace Islam must eliminate this extra skin of his genital because it keeps urine after using toilet, yet a Muslim Must have Mandatory cleanliness called Wudu or Tahar for five mandatory prayers.

Its Medically proven that extra skin of male organ keeps dirt as a result of urine that remains after using toilet, Naturally human urine is composed of so many compounds including salts and wastes from the body, so when they remain inside extra skin of male organ, they decompose turning into dangerous acids that causes sickness to a man , but mostly to a woman during intercourse.

Special Attention to Circumcision to Prevent STDs, Diseases especially HIV AIDS

In the modern world, its ,medically recommended world wide for all males to circumcise for health reasons. because Circumcision eliminate that extra skin of male genital which keeps remains of the body after being released. in that case, woman become more venerable to HIV AIDs Infection because of fluids kept into this extra skin that injected into a woman during intercourse.

In Islam, its ruled that , every male child born must be circumcised as a condition of submission to Allah ( God) in Islam in order to be called a Muslim as it was condition by prophet Ibrahim aleih salaam ( peace be upon him) whoever become his follower as a believer of one true God( Allah) Must circumcise.

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