Department of education Publish seasonal Pamphlets for brief information about Islam. Most of Islamic book for teachers are imported from Authentic sources of publications.

We are in touch with Azhar University of Egypt in connection with authenticity of books imported to South Africa for our teachers, Sheikhs, etc.

New writers of books on Islam also are given an opportunity to share their views to the Muslim Community, but their books under go scrutinizing process for authentication, then recommended safe for our community share knowledge.

Quran Publication

Some organisations have set up a Quran printing and publishing for South Africa, so many different types of Quran in the Muslim Community. since Quran printing attract more donation from donors, the Muslim Community of South Africa is freely supplied with different types of Quran including the following:

  • English only Quran without any Arabic text
  • Color coded Quran that reflects different colors with ideas of identifying easily rules of recitation of Quran.
  • English and Arabic Translation Quran mostly Andallah Yusul Ali, Imam Ahmada Rada Khan version of Quran Translation who was based in Brailwy in India, and others.
  • Local Languages Translated Quran Mostly Zulu , Khosa, etc.

Islamic Books

Publication of Islamic books for South Africa is largely done in india and exported to South Africa. Most kind of books available for Muslim community are largely supplied by India-Pakistan including Quran. Al-Hamdu they have reserved the authenticity of the Holy Quran and other Islamic books, the only problem is, lectures, teachings and explanation are done in Urdu which is India-Pakistan languages. books are published in Urdu and translated in English. But there is very less Arabic or not at all.

Those who are not acquainted with Urdu are helped with less translation into English. they encourage teaching and learning of Urdu in Madarasa and Darul-Ulums with less Arabic lessons.